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About us
space Cleaner air from the inside out
At Filba, we know clean air from the inside out. After all, air filtration is our business. We specialize in providing the fundamental component inside air filtration systems: the filter. Not just any air filter but the highest quality most competitively priced filter available. Filba provides standard and custom filters that deliver optimum performance. We provide air filtration system evaluation and testing, specific product design, application knowhow and consultation services.
luftbubbla space Quality first
  At Filba, quality rules. Our commitment to quality ensures performance excellence for your products. It is also what drives filter innovation and continuous improvement. Filba panel and pleated filtration products feature industry-leading filtration media that provide reliable solutions for optimizing your air filtration system.
bild luftbubbla space Optimization
  Making filters as functional and effective as possible goes beyond cost optimization. We take a holistic approach to optimization. We consider every aspect of filter design and manufacture, including low pressure drop, size tolerances, near zero emissions and consistent flow rates as well as energy efficiency, filter loading, and minimal environmental impact, for all filter media classes.